Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Season Opener and Bathroom Breakdown


I say that ironically of course.  No one actually talks like that.  I know it, you know it, but the people of Sweden clearly don’t since a ton of people around here have been saying “howdy” to me the last couple of days.  Anyway I’ve got some entertaining stuff to tell you so get comfy.

Yesterday was our season opener against Syrianska Kerberan.  We lost, 2-1.  I ended up not being eligible to play because my immigration papers weren’t return by the Swedish office.  Syrianska weren’t amazing but they did have 4-5 really technical players.  They didn’t have a team plan at all, but when their top players got the ball they caused our guys problems.  Their first goal was a solo effort and the second was a classy free kick from the top of the box.  Our goal came at the very beginning of the second half.  I didn’t see the buildup because I was walking back to my seat at the time, but I did see the finish, a tap in by Mtaka Simba.  It was a game of two halves, each team dominating one.  Had we finished 2-3 great chances in the 2nd half then we would have won the match I think.

It sucks that I couldn’t play yesterday.  I really feel like I could have helped to open the game up.  You see, even though this club has four players who will rotate in the winger positions, I’m really the only true winger.  One is a more natural wingback, one prefers to play in the middle so he is always tucked in and the last guy doesn’t look to get behind defenses so much.  As a result, in the 2nd half I think I could have opened up the Syrianska defense.  They pretty much bunkered in the 2nd half on their two goal lead and we had a lot of trouble solving it.  We still created three really good chances, but a good save, a miss and a bad touch dwarted those opportunities.  If you want to know more about the game I’m sure the report on www.esk.nu is pretty good.


Today I woke up to the interesting sound of two women talking casually in my apartment.  Technically my apartment is a small hallway with six rooms off the hallway.  The women were in the hallway.  When I walked out of my room to go to the bathroom, they greeted me and I immediately saw that my kitchen was flooded.  Not terribly, mind you, but there was maybe a quarter inch of standing water.  I walked further and saw this beautiful sight in the bathroom.

Fortunately, the women in my apartment were the owner’s wife and daughter and they called a plumber (or general handyman) to come fix the problem.  They came and I assumed everything would be okay.  Two hours later I went back to the bathroom assuming everything was fixed and I saw this.

Of course.

I pay 4000 kronor a month to live here.  I still don’t have a shower or cable and now my bathroom is falling apart and my kitchen is flooded.  I think May 1 might be moving day for me.  That’s all for now.  I’ll let you know how things are going!

P.S. You’ll all be happy to know that my immigration paperwork is now completed and I’m eligible to play the next game.  I hope I can earn a starting spot, but obviously that’s up to Siggi.

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