Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hanging at the Poorhouse

You know, one unique thing about Sweden and all of Scandinavia really is that the sun stays out much longer than anywhere else I know of.  I mean outside of the artic circle.  As it were, I am writing this at 9pm and it’s still light out.  It’s cool now, but I think that once the sun stays out all night I won’t like it so much.  Maybe the first night that the sun stays out til midnight I’ll do a video and post it here, who knows.

In other news, at my apartment (which I now lovingly call “The Poorhouse”) now has a working stove!  This is very big new in my world, as it opens up dozens of new things I can eat.  Up until now, the only hot food I’ve been eating has been prepared in the microwave or at a restaurant.  Now I can cook just about anything.  I still don’t have an oven, but a stove is great.  I’ll be buying some pasta and pancake mix soon!

Unfortunately the stove is still only one of many things that need fixing.  I still have no shower (or sink, remember.  Sink-gate is now into day 10 with no end in sight.), no cable and no lock on the front door.  The only silver lining I see in all of these problems is that it gives me a really strong case for reduced rent.  If they cut the rent to, say, 2000 SEK then I will happily live the upcoming months with no in-house shower and I’ll be able to just buy cable if I want.  Honestly with the 2000 SEK savings I could probably buy a shower head and install it myself.  I just need to get settled.  If I’m going to stay at my current place then I need to decorate the place and make it more homely.

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I love houses and decorating houses.  I’ll give you some time to question my manliness……….

Anyway I went out the other day to look at stuff for my room and found a lot of cool things.  The real find though was the greatest store in Enkoping and possibly Sweden: M Kladhuset.  This clothing store is the first legitimately cut-price store I’ve seen in this country.  It is similar to a TJ Maxx in America.  The store has a hilarious collection of products, from all sorts of clothes to paintings to air fresheners to sewing needles.  I actually bought some sewing needles and thread and sewed up a rip in one of my jeans.  I know, I’m amazing.  If you want me to sew some of your clothes, let me know.  But be warned, you may not like my prices!
Back at the Poorhouse, I have been watching Netflix like it's my effing job.  Right now I'm powering through season 1 of How I Met Your Mother.  I just finished 2 seasons of Ancient Aliens (they butcher the phrase "clear evidence", btw) and I've also started watching a british show called "Luther".  I have 10 hours a day of complete downtime so I've been zooming through shows, not to mention watching soccer games online from nearly every continent on the planet.  For all the bad things at the Poorhouse, my TV-watching setup is pretty awesome!

That’s all for now.  Training has been going well, so I’m happy.  The sun is just now setting so that seems like a hint for me to wrap it up.  The next game can’t come fast enough but until then I’ll be training and exploring a bit more of Enkoping!

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