Monday, September 29, 2014

The Blog Lives

I guess I blog once a month now.

September was a good month for VPS.  We played 4 games and got 8 points.  In the last three games we haven’t conceded any goals and now we’re in a good position to finish top 6.  It’s by no means guaranteed though because our last three games are all against teams we’ve been miserable against this year (5 losses and 1 draw).

This time of year it’s always best to play teams that have nothing to play for.  Unfortunately we’ve got the opposite of that this year.  SJK is fighting with Lahti for the silver, HJK has nothing to play for but they’re just way better than us, and KuPS are directly fighting with us for position.  Of course we can win any of the games now that our team is fully healthy, but we won’t be favorites in any of the remaining games.

Going back a bit, I have to mention that I scored another goal!  It was MAAAAAAAAAAAYBE offside but I deserved to get away with one especially after this atrocity of an offsides call:
OFFSIDE?!  On by 3 yards...

Anyway, a goal means only one thing…dancing bear!
To add to the others!

Aside from soccer I haven’t really done much since our last break finished.  This whole month I’ve only been to the center two or three times.  Staying home has only had the advantage of saving me money, but at the risk of my sanity.  Also this sun setting at 7pm is making me sad.

Last week, I was completely ready to go on an epic rant against the officiating in this league.  Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately for the readers wanting a laugh) our last two games have been well officiated and I’m stepped back from the edge. The only negative thing I have to say about Veikkausliiga right now is that the season should be over next weekend.   I’ve played two Octobers already in Finland and both times I’ve been forced to play on ice covered fields.  Those kinds of games are useless.  The level on the field goes down significantly from the late summer games and to be honest nobody wants to play when it’s -10 and the field is frozen.  It also sucks for the players because the risk of injury is much higher on a frozen field and the majority of us don’t have long term contracts.  If I tear my ACL because I tried to plant on a patch of ice what will I do?  No way VPS or any other club is going to pay for me to get my knee surgically repaired and rehabbed.  I’d be out for 6 months, have no way of getting proper physiotherapy and be out thousands of euros.  And those are just the legitimate reasons I wish the season ended sooner.  I won’t even go into the fact that I just don’t like being out in the cold or I get sick easily or I’d just rather be inside.