Thursday, April 3, 2014

Am I Famous?

I must be, because I've been in the media (social and real) this week.

I got a bunch of twitter followers last weekend because I was mentioned on the live match tracker someone was doing.  I had completely forgotten that I had twitter, only to get 16 emails telling me that I had a new follower.  You would think twitter would have figured out a better way to do that, but oh well.  I guess I have to start “tweeting” now to justify my newfound support!  

Not to bury the lead (or “lede” for the purists out there) but I’m putting one of my email addresses in the about me section of this blog.  I’m doing this because I often get feedback via other mediums and I wanted anyone who wanted to voice their opinion to have a direct line.

I was also made aware that the story by Lari Vesander was published.  We spoke on facebook for quite a long time and I’m happy with how the story turned out.  It was very well written (at least the google translate was well written) and a good representation of my time.  I majored in journalism in college and I can only hope to one day write a feature piece as good as this.  I had actually forgotten some of my feelings when I was doing all those trials in 2012.  It’s strange to admit because sharing my story with others has become such a big part of this blog, but originally the blog was only supposed to be for me.  A way to remember everything that I did and where I came from.  Inadvertently the blog did exactly what it was supposed to do, for me at least.  To answer a question posed in the story, the reason I did so many more posts in 2012 (February and March especially) is because it was meant only for me and a few select friends and family whom I’d tell about the blog.  In that way it was more a journal than blog.

Also you’ll all be happy to know that I’m much happier now than I’ve been at any other time since I’ve been playing in Europe.  For a three week period that included only 2 games and a bunch of double trainings, my March in Vaasa went surprisingly fast.  The days only go by faster once the season begins so I’m sure this year won’t drag on like others have.  Before I know it I’ll be in the city center in from of the people with my silver (let’s not get crazy and say gold) medal thinking, “Where has the time gone?”.

The kid problem at my apartment is starting to get out of hand. Today I was almost caught in the crossfire of a watergun battle and later ruined a game of tag just by walking into my apartment building. Back in my day kids had some sense. And we walked to school 5 miles. Uphill both ways. And always in snow, even in the summer.

In happy news, we’re done with our two-a-day trainings and the season finally feels like it’s here!  That means a lot of things, but apparently for one of my teammates that means dressing up.  Now, I’m not against wearing nice things into training, but as you’ll soon see my friend Frido takes it to a whole different level.  Can you say “Paris Fashion Week?”
There are no words.

It was -1 outside.

To be fair to Frido I put an actual picture from Paris fashion week. I typed “fashion week shorts men” into google and that was the least ridiculous picture I could find.  Don’t believe me?  Click this link.  I dare you.

First game is Sunday and I doubt I’ll check in before then.  I’ll try to take some video during the trip, but no promises.  Apparently people don’t like their daily lives to be filmed for a blog.  Who knew?

The meme (Frido's outfit if he ever gets rich enough to buy it):

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