Sunday, March 30, 2014


We lost.

I know I said otherwise earlier, but now that we’ve lost I realized I didn’t actually want to win the League Cup anyway.  At least that’s the party line at the moment.  We unfortunately played much like a team still in preseason, lacking any real cohesion and missing chances that we would otherwise score.  I’m not going to recap the game because most of the people reading this were either there or have already heard everything.  Like always though, I’ll make a few notes:

-The SJK goal should not have counted because of a handball.  It was obvious and not really up for debate.

-I was pulled down in the box in the final moments of the game.  The ref told me after that he saw me get pulled, but that I fell too easily.  I told him that I fell easily because I was only on one leg since the other was swinging to shoot the ball, but he said he didn’t see it that away.  We agreed to disagree.

-Despite the loss and being shutout, I felt we were the better team.  I am very sure that we’ll finish above SJK in this year’s table, barring some unforseen catastrophe.

As for me personally, I played 25 minutes and felt very good physically.  However, my understanding with my teammates was perhaps the worst of anyone on the pitch, which makes sense since I haven’t played with any of these guys in quite some time.  I squandered great passes from Anthony and Nganbe because I wasn’t quite on the same page as those guys.

Back in everyday life, things are starting to come together.  I’m getting a bike tomorrow (or not, since this same guy took a month to get a bike that was promised to me last year…).  My first order of business on the bike will be to ride to Jysk/Sotka/somewhere and try to find a mattress for my bed, since currently I’m sleeping on a glorified table.  After that, the interior designer in me is going to decorate my apartment and make it my own.  One of the most important things off the field for a player, especially a foreign player, is to have an apartment that feels like home.  That can mean things from home that you can’t find in your adopted country (in my case, grape jelly.  I bought 4 jars of grape jelly so that I can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) or it could be simply having a place that makes you comfortable.  I’ve already started that process by buying my bed and a couch from a secondhand furniture store that I somehow never knew about.  I’ll finish the job and put up pictures so that you can all admire my work!

There are some negatives about my place.  First, I had no say in the matter which sucked because I had spent a ton of time finding potential places to live.  My place is nice, just not my first choice.  Or second.  Or third.  You get the point.  It’s also costing me about 100 euros more per month, effectively so I can have a bigger kitchen.  No thanks.  I only cook because if I didn’t I would die.  That’s literally the only reason.

There’s also like a thousand kids that seem to spend the entire day playing outside my apartment.  I may sound like an old man, but these damn kids need to play somewhere else!  Some of us have absolutely nothing to do all day and want to be left in peace!

That’s all.  I’ll try to get a video post up soon just to have something different.


  1. It was a blatant foul and should have been a penalty, but we should have scored earlier from those chances anyway. It sucks to lose, but if we had to lose, then I prefer losing in a game like that since it was only a meaningless preseason tournament. As you probably noticed there were pretty much people travelling from Vaasa, so I'll expect quite a bit of interest from the crowd towards Vepsu. We'll keep supporting you all, let's make it a great year!

  2. It is not good idea to win league cup. Bad karma.. many previous years winners have relegated from league when the official season has ended ;-)