Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vacation in London

Hola! I just got back from London yesterday and I don't really have a lot to report from the trip, but I do have two separate rants that I need to vent.  They're gonna take awhile so I'll put them up tomorrow, but I figured I'd show you all some of the pictures I took.

These are not all of the photos, but some of them actually have to do with one of my rants, so I'll save them for tomorrow's post.

Before I post the pictures I will mention one thing soccer-related.  I went today with Kris to do some personal training.  We did a lot of running, and by the end of the training I was more tired than I've been at any point in the team trainings or in running by myself.  I wish we did more to prepare ourselves physically for our matches.  The trainings don't resemble the intensity of the games at all.  It's really on the players, as no coach can force intensity on his team.  But we do need a bit of fight and real hard work and I got that today.

Anyway, here are some of my photos from London.  I hope you like them!

3D glasses without the lenses instantly makes me a hipster!

My new boots!  Vapor VI's because I'm too cheap/poor to buy the newest model.

British Museum

"East India Sugar not made by Slaves"  Haha good to know.

British Museum

Central London as seen from the Tate Modern Art Museum.

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