Monday, August 13, 2012

Haka Matchday 21: Smells Like Team Spirit

I played my first game with Haka yesterday.  We played FC Honka and tied, 2-2.  I didn’t start, but came on as a right midfielder in the 61st minute.  I think I played ok, but to be honest I won’t have thrilled anyone with my performance.  I was able to show a bit of my ability, but the last 30 minutes were quite hectic and didn’t really have any rhythm.  Both teams played to win and felt like they would win.  It must have been an exciting game for the fans to watch.
Honka's stadium

There were two other new players playing their first game yesterday, Kris Bright and Jonne Hjelm.  They had rather more impressive debuts than me.  Both guys scored goals!  Kris’ goal was a brilliant wonderstrike into the top corner…(Kris' goal is at 1:10 in the video and Jonne's 3:55.)

Not quite a super strike :), but all goals count the same and we were happy to take it.  It was especially good because we had allowed a diabolically bad goal just two minutes earlier.  A lesser team would have put their heads down, but the guys who were out there deserve a lot of credit because they turned things from bad to good in a hurry.

We went down later in the game, but we kept fighting and taking chances and finally it paid off in the 88th minute when a great cross from Juha Pirinen was headed into the far side of the goal by Jonne.  It was the culmination of a frantic last ten minutes which saw chances for both sides.  Honka must have been felt hard done by, since they had missed probably 5-6 really good chances over the course of the game.  Then we come down and score with our first great chance.  That’s soccer sometimes; If you don’t take your chances the other team will.  It’s almost like a law of the game that if you miss two or three great chances then the other team is guaranteed to score their first chance.  I think the result was fair though based on the balance of the game.  It was very open and both teams looked to attack.  In the end, we were evenly matched so the points were shared.


In life news, I’ve been doing some work getting my apartment in order.  I’ve finally filled up the refrigerator and also gotten some stuff for around the apartment.  I’ve also put all my clothes up in the closets and set my limited amount of personal items in their place.  I took some pictures of the place so you can get an idea of what it looks like.


Part of the living room


That’s all for now.  No training Tuesday so I’ll be doing some more shopping for my apartment and hopefully getting a bike of my own!  If anything interesting happens you’ll hear about it!  I’ll leave you with the meme.  This is for all my FIFA PS3/XBOX players out there!

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