Thursday, July 12, 2012

Real Work Sucks

Hey guys,

I have a few pictures that I’ve taken over the weeks that I never posted so I’ll put those at the end of this post.  The only news I have at the moment is that I spoke with my Swedish agent today.  He doesn’t have anything for me at the moment, but we discussed my possible Swedish options.  I won’t go into what those are, other than the possibility that I will stay at ESK.  I don’t know what the situation is there, but I can’t worry about it because it’s not my decision whether or not they offer me an extension.  I was happy that the agent called me though.  I hadn’t spoken with him in like six weeks and I was beginning to wonder where the hell he was.  At least now he’s had a chance to hear my thoughts and ideas about what my future holds.  I’ve said it before and I believe it now as much as ever: I’m too old to be on the bench of a relegation-threatened division 1 team.  If I’m playing and contributing it’s a different story, but I think that Siggi has made up his mind on me and if I return then I will spend a good portion of the next three months on the bench.  In my opinion, if I just want to sit on the bench, then I can do that at an Allsvenskan or Veikkausliiga (finnish top division) club.  The money, prestige and lifestyle would all be better in those leagues anyway.

Robert and his brother Mattias playing.
After training today, a lot of the local guys went to K14 for a little night out, so to speak.  I was told that this would be a dinner thing with a bunch of ESK guys and that Daniel and Robert were going to perform on their guitars.  “There will be free food,” they said.  “It’ll be fun,” they said.  Well…this night out turned out to be a fundraiser for ESK in which the players served as waiters for the evening.  We also served as the entire cleanup staff as well.  For those who don’t know, cleaning up after people at a restaurant is an absolute nightmare.  To think that people do this for a living (for minimum wage, no less) is incredible.  I spent about two hours in the washroom rinsing and scrubbing plates, pots and pans and it was absolutely awful.  We did get the meal for free, but then again after four hours of work it certainly didn’t feel free.  Thank God I have a job where I don't have to clean up anything.

An interesting thing happened during the night out: Siggi got me setup to eat meals at K14 for free.  It was a really nice gesture by him.  He didn’t have to step in and make that happen but he did, so I’m very grateful for that.  What’s interesting about it though is that my contract effectively ends in 48 hours.  After that, I’ll be gone for the better part of two weeks then a few days later my contract ends.  Either Siggi plans on me being around for the rest of the year or he simply forgot that my contract ends and has no interest in bringing me back.  I surely overthinking this, so I’ll stop, but that’s what career uncertainty can do to ya.  In June 2010, I quit Crystal Palace Baltimore because of ongoing issues I had with the club.  I assumed I’d find a team and be playing again by the end of the month.  I never found a team and was completely out of soccer and working as a car salesman by July.  I don’t want to go back to selling cars or whatever other ridiculous job I’d surely try if I don’t sign a contract by the close of the transfer window in August!  I need to find a team, and as of right now the clock is ticking.  50 days and counting…
The entrance to Enavallen (our stadium)

I took this the night we all went out drinking.  This picture was as I was walking home and was taken at 3:30am.  The sun's already up!

Warning sign for the elevator.  Apparently there's a big risk of breaking your neck.

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