Friday, July 6, 2012


There hasn’t been so much going on in good ‘ol Enkoping recently.  We’ve had training a few trainings and a day off, though we haven’t really accomplished much in those trainings.  The only real relevant takeaway in terms of this blog is that I’m back in the starting lineup as the right winger.  I’d say this was an accomplishment, but in reality it’s more a consequence of all the injuries and player departures that we’ve had.  Still, I think I’m a good option there so I have no doubt that I’ll play an important part in helping us get our 2nd win on Sunday.  We play one of the bottom teams so it’s very important that we get the three points.  It’s also very important for me to play well, because I need to get a new contract.  If ESK doesn’t offer me one, then I need a few more good performances to help me get opportunities elsewhere.  There’s no news on my contract situation at the moment.  As soon as I hear something I’ll let you know.  At the moment my Swedish and Finnish representatives are MIA, so I’m feeling a bit alone in this process right now.  I’m sure they’ll come around though.  I’ve worked with both of these guys plenty of times and they always find me something good.  The saying goes, “a team can have enough defenders, a team can have enough goalies, a team can have enough midfielders…but a team can never have enough strikers!”  That saying is very true, so I know I’ll find something.  I’m getting a bit old to be playing in the lower divisions, so hopefully wherever I land will be in a top division somewhere.
On to things that are slightly interesting, at least to me.  I don’t know why, but there seem to be an extraordinary number of old American cars in Enkoping.  I’m not talking 1990s, I’m talking vintage 1960s or 70s Chevys and Fords riding around town.  The drivers of these cars are exclusively high school aged guys, so I’m assuming it’s some sort of weird high school fad here.  But it makes me wonder, how did these cars get here?  Of course, I know that these cars were sold here decades ago and just have survived til now.  They’re also probably the cheapest cars available since they are all in general disrepair.  On the flip side, it’s still weird to see a bunch of American cars here.  Especially cars that you barely ever see in America.

In case you were wondering, I am becoming a bit famous around these parts.  I’ve been recognized around town a few times in the last week!  Everyone loves a Yank Abroad!

Sadly, that’s all I have for now.  Like I’ve said a few times before, I live a life of total boredom.  I wish more interesting things happened here, but they don’t.  Soon the transfer window will open again and my life will get (for better or worse) a lot more interesting.  Stick with me until then.  Things will get more entertaining!

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