Monday, May 14, 2012

Matchday 5 - Still No Points


See that there?  I’m dropping some Swedish knowledge on you.

We played another game yesterday and lost yet again, 2-1, to BK Forward.  The match was played at an Allsvenskan stadium, the home of Orebro SK.  I played 60 uneventful minutes.  At least they were uneventful for me since I did almost nothing during my time on the field.  This game was the antithesis of our loss to IK Frej; Against Frej we were the better team and deserved more.  Against BK Forward though we were dominated from start to finish and were lucky to have the respectable scoreline that we got.  I don’t really have too much to say about what could have been.  I don’t think that BK Forward was much better than the other teams I’ve played against, but on this day they were simply better than us.  I don’t feel any shame saying that.  In fact, the next time we play the game could go the complete opposite way.  In a league like Division 1, most of the teams seem to be pretty equal.  In our league it seems that, aside from Vasby and Sirius, all the teams are pretty level.  Every team has 3-5 very good players that could find a team in Allsvenskan, but every team also has their weak spots.  I’m just working to be in the former category for ESK, not the latter.

On that note, I will now make excuses for my poor play.  Deal with it.

My last two games have been very different from each other.  Against IK Frej, I was all over the place.  I ran at defenders, gave good passes and even made a few tackles here and there.  Yesterday against BK Forward, I hardly ran at anyone, gave away the ball too much (especially at the beginning of the game) and didn’t tackle anybody.  Essentially my last two games have been my best and worst with Enkoping, speaking strictly of my personal performance.  While personal responsibility plays an important role in any match, but I think that as a winger my performance is much more strongly affected by the performance of the team than almost any other position.  If we’re playing well, like we did against Frej, then I can get into the attack and receive the ball in a position where I can attack.  If we’re not doing so well, then I spend all of my energy chasing on defense.  Once we win the ball, I receive it in positions where all I can do is hold it up and retain possession, not necessarily my strong suits.  Also, because all the other players are tired from chasing, I don’t have many options to pass to when I do receive the ball.  Conversely, I don’t have the energy to go support my teammates either.  As a result, we did a decent job defending against BK Forward, but once we won the ball we just booted it forward to our striker or me or the other winger.  If we actually maintained possession of that pass, there was almost always nothing to do from there but go on a hopeful individual run.  We had our moments, but mostly the match yesterday was just frustration.  We didn’t string more than four or five attacking passes together the whole match.

It’s a shame how things have gone so far, but we only need 4 points to get out of the relegation zone, so things aren’t so bad.  I honestly still believe that promotion is a possibility, but at this point we can’t possibly be thinking about that.  We just need to get our first win or first point and fight our ways to a safe part of the table.  Once we get there we can set some goals for where we want to finish.  I’ll leave you guys with a few random pictures of our locker room.  It’s empty because training was canceled and nobody told me or the equipment manager.  This is the 2nd time this has happened!  Oh well, that’s life.  Talk to y’all soon!
My locker.  Two lockers, really.  I'm a superstar!

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