Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jaro and The Swedish Job

I wouldn’t normally post again so quickly...

...but fuck it, I SCORED! That's two for the season.  Against our rivals Jaro, no less.

I was also hilariously credited with an assist despite two people touching the ball between me and the player who scored (ex-Jaro player Tomas Kula, in case you didn’t already know).

Interestingly, I didn’t speak with Celia the entire day before the game which is really rare.  I might have to consider giving her the silent treatment more often if it leads to me scoring goals!

The game itself wasn’t great, but we came through in the end and got the points.  I said it in my last post but I’ll say it again, the team is finally showing that perseverance that got us into the medals last year.  And don’t look now, but we have 25 points, exactly half of the 50 we got last year at the midway point of our season.  All this without the left back, goalkeeper, striker or center back you would have expected to be our starters back in March.  Imagine how good we’ll be if we ever get everyone healthy and can actually rotate our squad and keep all the players fresh.  Haha who am I kidding?  Everyone knows that VPS can only have 15 healthy players at a time!

We have a bit more time than usual to relax before our next game, so the team organized a quick trip to Tropiclandia for us.  It was really nice and was my first time visiting the facility.  I had a good time but it was nothing compared to Anthony, whom I think would build Tropiclandia in his backyard if he had enough money.  It was a great time though and honestly people must have thought we were a bunch of oversized kids the way we were running around and giggling on the water slides.

We head to Stockholm tomorrow to try and finish the job against The Bromma Boys.  I was hoping they’d lose big over the weekend to Malmo and be demoralized, but instead they drew 1-1 and are probably full of confidence.  The first goal in this game is going to be so vital.  If we score then they’ll have to open themselves up trying to score two goals and give us chances to settle the tie with counterattacking goals.  If they score first then they’ll be ahead on aggregate and we’ll be forced to chase the game and we are not great at that.  Though we did overturn a deficit against Brommapojkarna last week so we could do it again this week if necessary, I just hope we don’t have to do that.

We’ll head to Stockholm a day before the game, so I’m hoping I can get out in the city for a bit.  I really like Stockholm and there’s really no place I’d rather visit in Scandinavia.  Our schedule is pretty full though and I don’t know where our hotel is going to be, so I might be forced to just stay inside until the game Thursday night.

That’s all for now.  Hopefully some of you reading this are heading to Stockholm to cheer us on!  It could be a great night for the club!

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