Friday, April 19, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm


Only one thing has happened to me since I left you guys last week.  Me and Anthony have now moved into our new apartment, the nice one that is 100m from where we were staying the past three weeks.  This is a big deal for us, as we are both now relatively settled and ready to prepare ourselves for the season.  It’s been kind of a long time coming, but now that the season is upon us the games will come thick and fast.  So it was very important that we got into our permanent place before all of that happens.


I took some pictures of the place before we moved anything in.  I’ll post the pictures of how it looks now another time, as it’s almost 10pm and our place is pretty dark at the moment.  But you’ll be able to get the idea based on these photos.
living room

living room

my bedroom


Now all I need to do is add some of my own touches and this place will be home!


In other news, I have to make a confession to being an idiot.  I’ve been waiting for my first paycheck for a few days thinking that something was wrong since I didn’t receive anything.  Finally I went and spoke with the people who handle that stuff and they reminded me that I needed to get a tax form!  I would have been paid awhile ago, but I completely forgot to do 5 minutes worth of work to get my tax info.  The club offered to essentially pay the salary in advance, but I declined for now since I’m fine moneywise and I’d forget to ever go to the tax office.


As for the team, tomorrow is the big day and our first game.  It’s a tough task going to TPS and trying to get a result, but it has to be done so we’re up for it.  We’ve played quite well at times and if we can show the good form we’ve had in other games then I fancy our chances.  Veikkaus obviously doesn’t as we’re something like 6.05:1 to win.  If I was a betting man (which I am, just not on any league I’m a part of) I’d like those kinds of odds for VPS to win.  We have a strong team and we’ll be very excited to play in front of a good crowd on what is effectively a neutral field.  If any VPS fans make the trip, make sure you’re loud and don’t be afraid to come say hi to us after the game J


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  1. Well, at least we'll be following you and other VPS lads around Finland, like we have done for over 15 years, through thick and thin - COME ON VEPSU!

    Brilliant start with a victory in a difficult away game! Thanks to you and the other guys. Keep the victories coming and us celebrating (just check out the end of the video or the pics from Facebook or Twitter, links below)

    -Geezers Hietalahti, GH98