Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Milestone Post: #100

It’s my 100th post!!!!

I've very recently re-discovered GIFs.  They will be a staple of this blog in the future so deal with it.

Honest to God it feels like I’ve written closer to 500 of these, but I’ll use this post mostly to reflect.  You can consider this the “flashback episode” that every sitcom in history has done and every person who ever watched the sitcom hated.  But before I reflect, I’ll go over some stats.

I have no interest in getting these figures exactly right, but they’ll be close enough to make my point.  Since this is my 100th post, and I average about 750-800 words a post, I can safely estimate that I’ve written close to 80,000 words about my nine months in Europe.  I don’t know if that means I’m thorough or if I’m obsessed with myself!  (I’m gonna go with thorough.)  I guess that degree in Journalism wasn’t for nothing!  My time here has led me to meet three new fellow Yanks, though I haven’t kept in touch with any of them.  My time here also allowed me to be in touch with fellow Yanks/Canucks that I already knew which of course is quite nice.

On the field, I’ve played 24 regular season games, scoring 0 L goals and recording 5 assists.  In my defense, I’ve been playing almost exclusively as a winger this year on teams that have only won 1 game between them in six months, so I can be forgiven for not having amazing statistics.  I have also had two goals wrongly disallowed and about a half dozen more denied by the frame of the goal or some sort of great save.  A cynic might suggest that the only things Haka and Enkoping SK have in common are losing and me.  I would argue against that, but when you consider that the only other European club that I have any association with is GAIS Goteborg, even I have to wonder (to be clear, GAIS is also in last place in their league and has already been relegated.  ESK has also been relegated already and Haka is desperately fighting relegation.)  I’ve played 24 games and won only once.  If you include GAIS, then every team I’ve been involved with (while I’ve been at the club) has played 60+ games and won 3 of them.  My career winning percentage, which already wasn’t great, has taken a big hit.  At only 25 I’m almost guaranteed of having a career losing record.

Back to the blog.  I’ve gotten just about 7000 views on my blog thus far.  That’s about 70 hits per post.  I’m very excited about that number.  I don’t know how interesting I am, but I must be doing something right to keep people reading.  I’m still undecided as to whether or not I’ll keep the blog going while I’m in America, but I probably will.  I just won’t update as much.  My posts in America though will probably be way more interesting than many of my posts here in Europe.  That’s because in America everything is kind of new again and I have to jam a year of living into six weeks.  During my offseason in America I will probably visit Chicago, New York City and Tampa, FL.  I might even visit my buddies in Las Vegas.  Needless to say, posts from those places will be more interesting than my typical Valkeakoski or Enkoping post!

This post isn’t meant to be informative in any way so I’ll end it now.  But not before saying a big THANK YOU to everyone who has read my blog.  I know I’m not a celebrity, but it does feel good to know that people actually kind of care what I have to say, or at least care to know a bit more about my experiences.  Knowing that people (many or just a few) will be checking my blog a few times a week has kept me motivated to continue to try and be interesting.  The boring moments of my life would be even worse if I couldn’t drag you into it with me!  Thanks again and a new post will be up in a few days.

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